The Spooning

An unsuspecting Corn Pop falls prey to a ravenous pack of zombie milkmen. We used a combination of stop-motion animation and marionette puppetry for this creepy, crunchy spot.


Agency: Leo Burnett
Agency Copywriters: David Schermer, Jeff Canzona
Agency Art Director: Jason Minyo
Agency Producer:Alethya Luiselli

Director: Acne Film (Henrik Sundgren)
Acne EP / Producer: Fran McGivern
Acne Producer: Paige Seidel

Animation Director: Screen Novelties (Chris Finnegan)
Screen Novelties Producers: Mark Caballero, Chris Finnegan, Seamus Walsh
DP: Ralph Kaechele
Stop-motion Animator: Kelly Mazurowski
Puppeteers: Robin Walsh, Greg Manion
Production Designer: Ross Shuman
Set Layouts: Scott Schneider
Character Designer / Sculptor: Tom Smith
Puppet Fabrication: Paula Lauterbach, Max Winston, Cesar Romero
Marionette Builder: Robin Walsh
Puppet Wrangler: Rebecca Stillman
Model Makers: David Waddle, Jake Johnson, Brian Capati, Jeff Cross, Christopher Swanson
Digital Effects: Hlynur Magnusson
Storyboards: Dave Smith
Animatic Illustrator: Allyson Haller
Editorial: Chrome
Chrome Producer: Cristina Matracia
Chrome Editor: Adam Parker