Candy Factory

Three kids are taken on a tour of a Wonka-esque “Candy Factory” by the charismatic Tobaccaroni. But they soon discover that the factory’s real product is cigarettes! We directed this PSA for Mississippi’s “Reject All Tobacco” campaign.


Agency: Maris, West & Baker
Agency Creative Director: Marc Leffler
Agency Art Director: Chris Nolen

Directors: Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh
Executive Producer for ka-chew: John Andrews
Producers: Chris Finnegan and Kristina Schoentag
DP: Joseph Schmidt
Animators: Savelen Forrest, Ethan Marak, Sihanouk Mariona, Sarah Meyer DeGaudemer
Art Director: Joseph Schmidt
Storyboards: Jeremy Costello
Character Design: Chris Finnegan and Seamus Walsh
Puppet Fabricators: Cameron Baity, Robin Walsh, Clint Zoccolli
Costumes: Lisa Davis, Robin Walsh
Model Makes: Kelly Mazurowski and Joseph Schmidt
Effects Artist: Michael Landon
Original Music: Thomas Truax
Audio Mixer: Peter Carlstadt