The Collectors

“The fact that they have never been opened increases their value over time.” In this spot for toy retailer Rotofugi, vinyl toys collect people, not the other way around. We staged the colorful toys in moody, realistic sets where the humans are the freaks.


Agency: Country Club Chicago
Agency Creative Director: Jeff Canzona
Agency Art Director: Jason Peter Minyo

Director: RSA/Acne Film (Henrik Sundgren)
RSA EP/Producer: Fran McGivern

Animation Directors: Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh
Producer: Chris Finnegan
DP: Ralph Kaechele
Animators: Savelen Forrest, Eileen Kohlhepp, Joe Mello
Animation Assistant: Alex Kamer
Production Designer: Chris Finnegan
Puppet Fabricators: Paula Lauterbach, Robin Walsh, Bruce Lao, Cesar Romero
Model Makes: Joseph Schmidt, Roy T Wood, Jeff Cross, Jake Johnson, Brian Capati, Meaghan Ross
Digital Effects: Eight VFX