Bebe dreams of all the amazing things she wants for her birthday—a Pony, a Seahorse, a Gnu! As she surrounds herself with her imagined figments, Bebe realizes that what she really wants is a fun day with friends and family at McDonald’s!


Agency: Leo Burnett
Agency Copywriter: [find out]
Agency Producer:Eric Faber

Duck EP: Mark Medernach
Duck Producer: Terri Watanabe Carroll

Director: Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh
Producer: Chris Finnegan
DP: Ralph Kaechele
Stop-motion Animators: Seamus Walsh, Mark Caballero, Kelly Mazurowski, Max Winston
Character Designer: Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh
Production Designer: Chris Finnegan
Puppet Fabrication: Lisa Davis, Margaret Meyer, Robin Walsh, Max Winston,
Model Makers: Brian Capati, Kelly Mazurowski, Christopher Rabilwongse, David Waddle
Storyboards: Max Winston
Production Assistant: Brad Schaffer
Compositors: Brian Kokoszka, Kelly Mazurowski
Colorist: Wren Waters (Therapy Studios)
Original Music: Holly Palmer