Monster Safari Short Completed – UPDATE!!!

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Hello Adventurers!
Our short film – Monster Safari – is in the can.

Charmingly inept cryptozoologists, Basil and Pang, are on the hunt for Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and all your favorite beasts of lore. But complicating matters is Buckminster – the world’s most insane big-game hunter – who’s looking for the ultimate trophies for his wall.

To celebrate the completion of the short, here’s a clip and a gallery of photos from the production. When we get word of an airdate from Nickelodeon, we’ll post it here.
Thanks for stopping by to check it out!
-The Screen Novelties Gang

Photo Gallery:
Click thumbnails for a larger view

Basil & Pang explore the Mummy’s Tomb…

The Yeti Stomps about…

Pang, Basil, and Lucy…

Mark animating in the Museum

Joe Schmidt tackles Basil & Pang’s Biplane with gusto

Typical thrashed state of the studio…
but with cool Himalaya exterior setup!

Seamus accosting the Yeti

Chris in the Monster Hunting Headquarters

Ancient hieroglyphs