Jobs & Internships

Thanks for taking an interest in Screen Novelties! We occasionally have job openings and internships. Frequent needs include Stop-motion Animators, After Effects Artists, and Puppet and Set Fabricators. If you would like to apply please email the following to:

  • BRIEF introduction describing your interests and goals.
  • Resume/CV detailing education, work experience, and specific skills.
  • Work Samples such as: demo reel; short films; works in progress; sketches and illustrations; photos of dimensional work. In the case of collaborative work, please describe your contribution. Your submissions don’t have to be slick or polished—rough work is OK.

Web links are preferred to hard copies or big attachments.  (PRO-TIP:  password protected links are less likely to be viewed and shared internally)

We try to respond to everyone, but don’t always have time. If you wish to follow-up on a submission, email is preferred to phone calls. Because our needs change from month to month, applicants are invited to periodically submit updated resumes and materials.

By submitting materials, you acknowledge that Screen Novelties may be developing materials that are similar or identical to your Portfolio Submissions and that Screen Novelties will have no obligation of any kind to you concerning those materials if Screen Novelties has created, developed or acquired them independently without reference to your Portfolio Submissions. You further agree that Screen Novelties shall have the same rights as any member of the general public to any public domain materials contained in your Portfolio Submissions.